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  1. B. Nektar Meadery 'Milton's Madness I Said No Salt' Mead, Michigan 375ml

    B. Nektar Meadery 'Milton's Madness I Said No Salt' Mead, Michigan 375ml

    Did you see the memo about the margarita-style wine cocktail? You see we’re putting this bottle out in the market, so if you could just go ahead and buy one, that would be great. Mmkay? Even Michael Bolton would be a fan of this Agave Mead with lime juice, lime zest and orange zest! Set to release at the 2016 Spring Mead Fest on May 7th- yeeeah, we are going to need you to go ahead and come in for that. Back up in your glass with the resurrection of our Margarita-Style Melomel. A Margarita-inspired product was begging for an Office Space-inspired label. Milton’s Madness has “no salt”, just the way he ordered it. This originally a recipe idea from Brad’s home brewing days. And a few batches were made in the early days as ‘Margarita Style Melomel’. We have been wanting to resurrect it for a while and what better way to introduce it again than with a favorite movie of B. Nektar! Learn More
  2. B.Nektar Zombies Take Manhattan Mead

    B.Nektar Zombies Take Manhattan Mead

    They though they had them under control. The antidote was working. But life, or even death, finds a way. After year of successful treatments, their bodies stopped responding and grew to nearly twice their normal size. Now They've overrun the city. I fear it's too late for mankind. They're coming.... Learn More
  3. Bodega Garzon Marselan Reserve, Uruguay 2015

    Bodega Garzon Marselan Reserve, Uruguay 2015

    This noble Wine is made with our estate grown grapes, harvested and sorted by hand, from selected blocks of our vineyard in Garzon, Uruguay. The wines are aged in French oak barrls. The gape clustersare ahndled with care to allow them to express their varietal character and uniqueness of our particular terroir. Learn More
  4. Bodega Garzon Tannat Single Vineyard, Uruguay   2015

    Bodega Garzon Tannat Single Vineyard, Uruguay 2015

    This powerful Tannat is elegant with aromas of red fruits such as cherries and strawberries, black plums, tobacco and black chocolate on a spicy background. It is juicy and fresh in the palate, and has a full-body with a lingering nish balanced with a touch of oak. Learn More
  5. Bronto Mead Jurassic Berry

    Bronto Mead Jurassic Berry

    Made here in San Diego Learn More
  6. Chateau Musar Gaston Hochar 2004

    Chateau Musar Gaston Hochar 2004

    91 points Wine Advocate - The 2004 Chateau Musar is an equal blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan and Cinsault. This is a rather civilized, laid back Musar. The complicated aging process is best described by the winery: “The wines spent nine months in cement vats and then a year in French Nevers oak barrels and the final blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan rested for another nine months in vats before being bottled?“ The winery describes this as a once-in-a-decade vintage where a heat wave caused notable increases in sugar content in a short time. I sometimes find that is a dangerous description of vineyard conditions with many risks for a winery, but it seems to have turned out well. If you’re comparing, it adds two layers of depth to the 2007 Hochar, although it is quite elegant and graceful in its own right. Most importantly, it has more of an obvious backbone even though it is late-released. Its balance, combining the nice fruit, elegant mid-palate, persistent finish and backbone, gives it a tightly wound, precise and focused demeanor. The tannins are not completely integrated, but not overly hard. They provided some welcome grip and vibrancy and never overwhelmed the wine. In the long run, they should serve this wine in good stead. Overall, it is an exceptionally graceful, somewhat modern and restrained Musar, bright, with that silky texture I saw in the Hochar reviewed this issue, while adding those layers of concentration. The cherry on top is the intensity of fruit flavor - bursts of delicious and juicy fruit on the finish, admittedly nuanced by some of the gamey notes I see here so often. Call it raspberry flavored, though, because the fruit is delicious. The gamey notes were in fact moderate and, at least for my taste, not an issue. As this rather subtle Musar aired out, I liked it more and more. I’ve had Musars that were bigger, burlier, more rustic and more astringent. Here, the subtle start was unremarkable, but it gathered steam, showed remarkable finesse and then won me over. This will certainly do better with food. Drink now-2021. Learn More
  7. Chateau Musar Gaston Hochar 2008

    Chateau Musar Gaston Hochar 2008

    The Chateau Musar ‘grand vin’ of this vintage is the traditional blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan – approximately one third of each. The blending took place 3 years later in 2011 and the wines spent a year in French Nevers oak barrels. The Cinsault of 2008 seemed to benefit most from the heat and exceptional weather and showed abundant red fruit aromas, Carignan displayed blackcurrant and black cherry notes and the Cabernet Sauvignon gave us structure with herbs, coffee and dark berry fruits. The grapes this year were intensely juicy. Released 7 years later in the spring of 2015, the wine has a beautiful rich scarlet colour with an alluring nose of black and red fruits, cherries, coffee, leather and cloves. A good natural intensity with well integrated tannins and good acidity – this is a rich, warm, concentrated vintage of Chateau Musar showing an abundance of fruit, energy and considerable finesse.Mature and balanced with a long finish. Learn More
  8. Foxtrot Vineyards 4 Shadows Chardonnay 2013

    Foxtrot Vineyards 4 Shadows Chardonnay 2013

    Eighteen-year-old Chardonnay vines were the source for Foxtrot's Chardonnay. Aromas of citrus, stone fruits, melon and spice transition through to the mld palate, with layered minerality and a long finish. This balanced vintage can be aged for up to 8 years. Lemon color from moderate to lighter. The fragrance of citrus fruits and stone fruits and the nuance of spice. Complex mineral feeling in citrus fruits and stone fruit fruits. The rich mid palette shows the taste of spice nuances, green apples and citrus fruits. The lingering lasts long. Learn More
  9. Golan Heights Winery "Mount Hermon" Red, Galilee 2016
  10. Golan Heights Winery "Mount Hermon" White, Galilee 2016

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