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  1. Kuchan Juglans Nigra Black Walnut Liqueur 375ml

    Kuchan Juglans Nigra Black Walnut Liqueur 375ml

    From newly established Old World Spirits in local Belmont, CA, Croatian-born master distiller Davorin Kuchan has brought his family tradition of craft spirits to the Bay Area. This liqueur has no perceptable sweetness whatsoever, so it's more like a walnut-macerated brandy - it is unlike anything you've ever tasted. The California black walnuts are crushed and then macerated in the Zinfandel-based brandy for over nine months! At the end a bit of cinnamon and vanilla is added, as well as organic tapioca. This is a tradition that has been in Kuchan's family for generations and is part of the Croatian tradition of planting a walnut tree in front of the house where a baby has just been born. Both the tradition and the spirit are beautiful. The color is a brown-amber and the flavors are nutty, as the brandy intermingles with the natural oils in the walnuts. Learn More
  2. Limoniamo Limoncello
  3. Limoniamo Limoncello
  4. Luigi Francoli Amaro
  5. Luigi Francoli Fernet
  6. Luxardo Bitter Liqueur

    Luxardo Bitter Liqueur

    Luxardo first made Bitter in 1885. The flavors come from infusing a plethora of herbs and spices including: sweet and bitter orange, wormwood, rhubarb, tart cherry, rosemary, quinine, waldmeister, cassia, fennel, mint, angelica, marjoram, orris root, fern and thyme. Then, to make it more approachable......they add the just right amount of sugar. This oily, rich bitter is intricate and layered in a wonderful mouth feel that carries a multitude of nuances to a pleasant finish. Have this as an aperitif, a shot (chilled or cool), in a lovely cocktail or with sparkling water and a slice of lemon. Learn More
  7. Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur, Veneto

    Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur, Veneto

    Nearly 195 years after introducing its signature Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, the Luxardo family, Italy's premier liqueur producer offers the essential ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Last Word, the Martinez, the Aviation, and the Hemingway Daiquiri, in a half size (375ml) bottle; perfect size for the home bar. A pleasant aroma with herbaceous cherry notes on the nose. A liqueur with intense flavor of marasca cherries balanced with a sweet floral bouquet finish. Learn More
  8. Mayakoba Soursop
  9. Meletti Amaro Liqueur

    Meletti Amaro Liqueur

    The brisk, invigorating scent of this amaro hovers between herbal and medicinal. On the palate, it skews sweeter, with rich caramel and hazelnut flavors and just enough bitterness and baking spice to keep things interesting. Learn More
  10. Meletti Cioccolato

    Meletti Cioccolato

    Specialty milk and Dutch cocoa are combined with sugar and alcohol to create a decadent and intensely rich chocolatey spirit. Whether warmed, for a hot chocolate a la Meletti, or chilled, Cioccolato easily replaces dessert. Enjoy on its own or as the key ingredient in an indulgent cocktail. Meletti Cioccolato satisfies chocolate lovers and spirit enthusiasts alike in any form. Learn More

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