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  1. Araceli Marigold Liqueur

    Araceli Marigold Liqueur

    Seductively smooth and exquisitely balanced, Araceli Marigold Liqueur offers a unique bouquet of delicate complex flavors that are rich, floral and fragrant. Araceli Liqueur delivers a wonderful blending of marigold, organic agave nectar, and a special blend of natural ingredients that create Araceli’s one-of-a-kind distinctive flavor. Learn More
  2. Berry Bros. & Rudd Berrys' The King's Ginger Liqueur

    Berry Bros. & Rudd Berrys' The King's Ginger Liqueur

    Possesses a pretty golden hue. Smells like gingerbread cake and crystallized ginger. Root ginger is intensified on the palate, with a lovely, yet subtle aftertaste of sugar. Should be a fun one to play with in cocktails. Learn More
  3. Buffalo Trace Cream

    Buffalo Trace Cream

    ourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, making it a perfect marriage of rich delicious cream and smooth Kentucky bourbon. You can enjoy it chilled, on the rocks, or pour it in a cup of coffee for an indulgent after dinner treat. Tasting notes: this liqueur is rich and sweet; the smooth taste of Buffalo Trace Bourbon compliments the creamy vanilla flavor. Haven't taken the distillery tour yet? Try the Buffalo Float, “the adult root beer float,” at home. Learn More
  4. Chartreuse Yellow V.E.P.
  5. Clement Creole Shrubb Rum Liqueur, Martinique
  6. Cointreau Liqueur, France

    Cointreau Liqueur, France

    Ready to meet the strength of the crystal clear spirit, are baskets laden with sun-dried orange peels, their intricate colours defining different orange flavors; greenish-bronze for bitter, orangey-red for sweet, which yield a greater fruit intensity. Their heady fragrance will soon be revealed by the following steps.The peels are fully dried, macerated and finally distilled in gloriously burnished red copper stills to extract every drop of the precious essential oils. The other ingredients (alcohol, sugar and water) – which are also completely natural – give the liqueur its creamy roundness and aromatic vigour that inspires the mouth. Like an intimate secret, the recipe itself is faiuthfully guarded. Learn More
  7. Diego Zamora Licor 43 Cuarenta y Tres Liqueur 2009
  8. Drambuie Liqueur 375ml

    Drambuie Liqueur 375ml

    A great after dinner drink, and a key ingredient in many cocktails. Put this mini in your cocktail bar. A blend of honey, spices and malt whiskeys from the Speyside and Highland regions of scotland,50ml; 40.0% alcohol/vol; Learn More
  9. Duggans Irish Cream Liqueur

    Duggans Irish Cream Liqueur

    From a special recipe of fresh Irish Cream and fine Irish whiskey. Learn More
  10. Fernet Branca

    Fernet Branca

    Fernet Branca was created in 1845 from a secret recipe-- that even till now-- has never been disclosed, held by the family and unchanged with time. Fernet will cure what ails you, it is a perfect drink to start off or prolong an evening's pleasure. The key to the unique, unmistakable flavor is the result of the highest quality ingredients: at least 27 herbs harvested from 4 different continents, macerated and infused then laid in oak casks for at least a year. Some of the healthy ingredients are: Aloes: The fix all/cure all-- a bountiful natural source of Antioxydants, Aloe is know for its healing powers; Gentian root: grown in the mountains, is a legendary, natural 'pick-me-up' that is known to be an antacid, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic; there is also Rhubarb, Gum Myrrh, Red Cinchona, Colombus, Galanga and Zedoary. Saffron, Mint and citrus.... The aromas are bitter, earthy-- like being in the mountains, you smell grasses and fields and wild flowers all crashing in on you, there is also minty camphor, Gentian, cinnamon and galanga, saffron and a multitude of more delicate scents to be discovered and enjoyed. The flavors are explosively huge and giving. Bitter is an unfair way to describe it because of the negative connotations but that is what it is.. big, bitter, complex and dry. The flavor follow the aromas and are as difficult to pick out. This perfect as a digestivo and a powerful trick in a tasty beverage. Learn More

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