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  1. 1724 Tonic Water
  2. Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

    Bitter Truth Celery Bitters

    The Bitter Truth Celery Bitters have an amazing bouquet of flavors such as white grape, Sencha tea, lemon grass, celery leaf and fresh root ginger. It juggles artistically on the tongue as well, adding coriander seed, fresh celery and chicory to the foray. Add to a Red Snapper for the thinking person’s Bloody Mary. It’s obligatory with grassy spirits too, try a good measure in a Ti Punch or just a tickle in a gin and tonic for something to make the neighbors envious.A lost ingredient. Defunct for decades. Now revived to please the most discriminating palate. Learn More
  3. East Imperial Ginger Beer

    East Imperial Ginger Beer

    A brewing process that takes three days using the finest gingers from East Africa and East Asia. This is Est Imperials expression of naturally brewed ginger beer. Theres nothing like this in the market and we believe it captures the naturalness and freshness of the best home brews found along the coast of East Africa and the Caribbean. Less sugar compared to other ginger beers and an incredible long lasting ginger spice makes it the perfect complement to spirits. It is ideal for a Moscow Mule, Dark and Stormy or on its own as an alternative to alcoholic drinks. Learn More
  4. East Imperial Soda Water

    East Imperial Soda Water

    To keep with the spirit of discovery that is at the heart of East Imperial, they travelled the world to find the purest, unfiltered spring water. Their search eventually led them to New Zealand where they found an ecosystem that produces water of the highest quality and a country committed to protecting the environment. East Imperial water is sustainably sourced from an artesian spring located in Nelson, in the South Island of New Zealand. This high quality water gives East Imperial the authentic taste of original tonic waters which were also made from the purest springs in East Africa and East Asia at the turn of the last century. Learn More
  5. East Imperial Tonic Water

    East Imperial Tonic Water

    This tonic water has been created with a bold distinctive taste to recreate the century old tradition of Long Pink Gins made famous at the Pegu Club in Rangoon, Burma. Simply add two to four dashes of bitters to a long G&T. Crafted in the most elegant way, this tonic water captures the contemporary taste of tonic with added citric acid and a higher sugar level. Burma Tonic Water has double the natural cane sugar of East Imperial Tonic Water and has the highest quinine levels available in the market. This is rounded out with top notes of Thai lemongrass and manao lime to perfectly balance a few dashes of bitters. We recommend Burma Tonic with the more traditional citrus driven and London dry style gins. Learn More
  6. Fee Brother's Orange Bitters

    Fee Brother's Orange Bitters

    This old cocktail ingredient went unnoticed for years, until recently. A new interest in classic cocktails has brought it out of retirement. There are many recipes that call for Orange Bitters, but of most note is the "Classic" Martini. Try a dash in your next Martini and you will never want one without Orange Bitters again. Learn More
  7. Fee Brothers 1864 Celery Bitters, New York

    Fee Brothers 1864 Celery Bitters, New York

    Celery bitters are back for the first time since the 19th century! One taste and you'll realize they were worth the wait. Thank goodness for the mixology experts at Fee Brothers! Bitters this complex and original aren't easy to find. Just a couple of dashes bring the taste of celery, wonderful spice and a slight citrus zing to your Dry Martini. Add extra flavor and dimension to Bloody Mary's and other drinks too! With so much zest in one little bottle, the possibilities are endless. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Crafted by the mixology experts at Fee Brothers. Flavored with celery, spice and citrus. Adds dimension and complexity to your cocktails. . . Learn More
  8. Fever Tree Club Soda

    Fever Tree Club Soda

    You might think that every bottle of club soda is more or less the same. Well, Fever Tree Club Soda is here to tell you that you couldn't be more wrong! Using only the finest natural spring water infused with bicarbonate of soda, this is one club soda that you won't soon forget. Its beautiful bubbles dance merrily across your tongue and leave your mouth feeling refreshed, revived, and ready for more deliciousness. Learn More
  9. Fever Tree Tonic Water 200ml
  10. Greenbar Collective Bar Keep Baked Apple Organic Aromatic Bitters

    Greenbar Collective Bar Keep Baked Apple Organic Aromatic Bitters

    BAR KEEP aromatic bitters are a unique collaboration between Greenbar Collective and some of the most talented bartenders in the U.S. This collection represents the return of a lost craft in bartending, adding complexity and the finishing touch to many drinks. Marshall Altier's Apple bitters offers rich notes of caramelized apple and warm spice- a natural with whiskey, rum and brandy cocktails. It's also great with beer and desserts. Learn More

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