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  1. Against the Grain Bo & Luke 2019
  2. Against The Grain Nothing Special
  3. Allagash Oddyssey Barrel Aged 2015
  4. Allagash St. Klippenstein 2017

    Allagash St. Klippenstein 2017

    At the brewery, we celebrate St. Klippenstein day to commemorate our love of free ham, pot lucks, and strong stouts. In honor, we brewed this Belgian-style strong stout aged in bourbon barrels. Rich cocoa brown in color, the first sip of this beer opens with a complex chocolate and roasted aroma. Notes of vanilla, coconut and oak infuse the palate and lead to a smooth, warm finish. This full bodied beer is brewed with an array of dark roasted malts: dark chocolate malt, roasted barley, chocolate malt, and brown malt. After being hopped with Chinook and Northern Brewer, and fermented with a trappist-style yeast for a month in stainless, the beer spends three months aging in bourbon barrels. Learn More
  5. Brouwerij De Ranke Kriek de Ranke Ale Beer
  6. Bruery Melange 14 2016

    Bruery Melange 14 2016

    Our Mélange series is a chance to roll out the barrels, roll up our sleeves and explore flavors that cannot be achieved outside of the art of the blend or by any one beer. French for “blend”, this mélange fuses the mature character of some of our most vintage barrels of barleywine and old ale with the dark depth of our imperial stouts, including both Tuesday-themed releases and Share This. This mélange is one for all, with rich, complex notes and the signature kiss of oak. Learn More
  7. Bruery Saule 2017
  8. Cascade Strawberry Ale

    Cascade Strawberry Ale

    This NW style sour is a crisp, refreshing wheat beer that was barrel-aged for seven months then additionaly aged with strawberries for another eight months. Bright, sweet strawberries and light candy notes greet you in the nose. A light tartness and berry sweetness intermingle on the palate, giving way to a light, sparkling fresh berry tartness in the finish. It is better as a breakfast beer or a dessert? You decide. Learn More
  9. Chimay Grand Reserve Whiskey

    Chimay Grand Reserve Whiskey

    Originally brewed as a Christmas beer in 1948, this dark ale has rich flavors of mulling spices and caramel, with a smooth palate and warming finish. Learn More
  10. Ducato Frambozschella Birra Speciale Italian Sour Ale

    Ducato Frambozschella Birra Speciale Italian Sour Ale

    The idea of this beer comes from a previous collaboration with Sebastian Sauer (Braustelle, Freigeist, The Monarchy) during a visit to our brewery in October 2013. Sebastian is a young Brewer Cologne, eclectic and imaginative. Since both go crazy for sour beers, our partnership could not go in other direction. Both wanted to use raspberries: as a basis Sebastian had hypothesized a sort of Berliner Weiss fermented with lactic acid bacteria, but I want ferment the wort directly into the wood (as I do for the Chrysopolis). In the end we decided to opt for a compromise: fermentation directly in the barrel with a small addition of lactic acid bacteria. The inoculum of lactic acid bacteria was done after a few days, just when the fermentation was starting spontaneously. After 6 months, the beer was removed from the barrel and set to mature in a vat where they were added raspberries and young beer. These additions promote a second fermentation, the convection currents that are generated increased exchanges between fruit and liquid, In addition raspberries make a characteristic harshness vegetal. Past three months on the raspberries, the blend is ready to be put into barrels or bottled. Learn More

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