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  1. Delord Vintage Bas Armagnac 1961
  2. Delord Vintage Bas Armagnac 1981
  3. Delord Vintage Bas Armagnac 1984
  4. Domaine du Tariquet Bas Armagnac VS

    Domaine du Tariquet Bas Armagnac VS

    A beautiful amber shade of antique gold. The bouquet initially suggests freshly baked bread and light toffee. Aeration reveals a gentle warmth that intensifies, leading to notes of candied angelica. The palate is bold and youthful, with a touch of vanilla, suffused with the heat of distillation and the youth of roasted oak. A brandy full of supple tenderness. Learn More
  5. Vieil Armagnac Sempe 15 Year

    Vieil Armagnac Sempe 15 Year

    Sempé 15 Year Old Armagnac is dark amber colored. It has gentle aromas of candied fruits and dried plums. In the mouth, it stretches from vanilla to subtle oak, developing notes of aged leather as it warms in the hand. There is a distinct taste of cocoa on its long finish. Armagnac is best served in a pear shaped glass with a round belly and tapered chimney or a champagne glass as opposed to a brandy snifter. Hold the glass at chest level and let the aroma waft up. Take a small sip to coat the mouth with its delicate flavors. As the glass and evening progress, your hand cupped on the glass will warm the Armagnac releasing new aromas and flavors. Learn More

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