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  1. Hakutsur Sayuri Junmai Nigori

    Hakutsur Sayuri Junmai Nigori

    Using only selected rice and rice koji, "SAYURI" is brewed up carefully with the natural water of Rokko. It has a refreshing aroma, natural sweetness and smooth aftertaste. A good match not only with Japanese food like Yakitori or Sukiyaki but also with Western cuisine. Learn More
  2. Hananomai Katana Extra-Dry Junmai Ginjo Sake 180ml

    Hananomai Katana Extra-Dry Junmai Ginjo Sake 180ml

    Very pale platinum straw color. Delicate aromas of profiteroles, sweet cream, and honeyed nougat follow through on a bright, silky entry to a dry-yet-fruity medium body with wonderful melon and pepper notes. Finishes with a long, melon rind and grainy dough note. Excellent flavor and acidity to pair with tempura. Learn More
  3. Hatsumago Junmai Daiginjo Sake

    Hatsumago Junmai Daiginjo Sake

    Clear with a faint silvery straw cast. Pure ripe pineapple, anise, and apple custard tart aromas with a fruity medium-to-full body and creamy vanilla pudding, green apple, praline, and pepper accented finish. A delicious and explosively flavorful; a classic sake. Learn More
  4. Kurosawa Sake Junmai Kimoto

    Kurosawa Sake Junmai Kimoto

    Kurosawa sake, brewed in the traditional way, is rich, deep, and well-balanced and compliments Asian cuisine. Full-bodied and earthy, yet light. It is exquisitely balanced and masterfully brewed as the almighty sake. Served hot, cold or at room temperature. Learn More
  5. Kurosawa Sake Nigori Sake
  6. Makiri Sake Junmai Ginjo Extra Dry
  7. Ninki Ichi Natural Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake
  8. Yaegaki Mu Junmai Daiginjo Sake

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